My name is Kwandisiwe Nhlapo and I am a certified Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator. I embarked on my spiritual healing  journey a few years ago after years of trying to ignore it however, more and more it became evident to me that my calling was far greater than what I could’ve ever imagined. As a Healer, one of my gifts is my ability to connect with souls that are preparing to make their debut into this world so it was not a surprise to me when I woke up one morning with a burning feeling inside of me to research what Hypnobirthing is (after being told to do so by my Guides and Ancestors), a term unbeknown to me at that time. After doing my research, all the dots started to connect, even those of my own birthing experience.

I was 22 years old when I had my daughter and I remember how I knew from the day I found out that I was pregnant that I would birth her naturally with no interference or intervention. A number of times I was asked whether I would consider an epidural and my response was always “NO”. You see, even though I didn’t know about Hypnobirthing at that time, my spirit always believed in my body’s ability to birth naturally.

I am excited to have been given the opportunity to equip expectant Moms with the knowledge and education of how they can plan for a calm and relaxed birth in the effort to birth calm babies. My job is to empower expectant Moms and give them the tools they need to connect with self and their babies so as to allow their bodies to do what it was created to do, and that is to give life. 

For many years women have been told that they need assistance with birthing their babies, a notion that not only disempowers the female but one that also instills fear.

Moms need to know that when their babies are ready, their bodies will be ready to birth their babies. That’s my gospel to preach.

Kwandisiwe Nhlapo